SAP Business One – Solutions to Enhance Your Business Profits

Did you know that in the rapid growth of the business world today forces us to continue to create a business solution that is efficient but still effective for the progress of the business we have?

Fortunately, the technology is also progressing rapidly now there is a software / application is commonly called accounting software where this software can help you to increase profits in your business.

SAP (System Application and Products in data processing) Business One

SAP (System Application and Products in data processing) Business One is a software-based accounting ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are made to be able to assist you in presenting information or transaction data and corporate reports such as reports Financials, CRM, Manufacturing and Management is real time.

Why SAP Business One can be used as a solution for your business?

As already described above, the software SAP Business One provides access and convenience for you to view data held by your business in real time. This can be done because SAP Business One software has a wide range of modules that can cover your business needs such as:

  1. Administration Module
    This module contains a setup system that aims to Currency Exchange Rate, Set-up System, Authorization, Warning or Notification as well as having to do sold and import functions of your business data.
  2. Financial Module
    Module that serves to manage or manage all the data Accounting, General Ledger and financial statements or financial. In addition, SAP Software also has a function to control the budget and profit to earn an income and expense.
  3. Sales Opportunities
    This module is useful to assist the sales department in managing, see opportunities and analyze information related to the sale. With this module, you can see all the opportunities that are on your business.
  4. Sales A / R
    Modules that can handle or cope with all aspects of the sales process starting from Booking, Sales, Shipping, Invoicing even until the Return.
  5. Purchasing A / P
    Manage or administer all transactions vendor / supplier. This module contains the process of buying goods to the invoice. In this module also has an additional feature where you can add the cost of the price of freight cost and a variety of other functions.
  6. Business Partner
    Master data store for all data suppliers, customers and prospective customers.
  7. Banking
    Fully handle all transactions dealing with finances.
  8. Inventory
    Manage warehouse stocks, price lists, special pricing, alternative items, warehouse transactions such as packing of goods using batch and serial number.
  9. Production
    Handle components of a production to the production process.
  10. MRP (Material Requirement Planning)
    Manage all your material needs required in the production process and manufacturing
  11. Service
    Watching the interaction between the sales with customers. This module can also maintain information about service contracts, items and serial number
  12. Human Resource
    Contains a variety of information related to employment in a company so that it can improve the ability or potential of each of the existing staff.

With so many modules and other features found in software SAP Business One, not one that many middle-class Performance Management or even the large class of software that use SAP Business One as their remedy tools make it easier to achieve business targets have been determined.

Now it is time to optimize your business by using SAP software to optimize the opportunities of the business.