Online Accounting System

Lay with me this weekend the whole table full of receipts, it was around midnight when I thought: this can now be done differently? And I do not just think, from a management survey this week showed that almost half of the SMEs considering doing completely online accounting system in 2016 and no longer have to fiddle with Excel.

Are there any online accounting systems?

Enough. But little good. To be sad. The system look so old-fashioned, as if the accountants themselves have been building. Acumulus, FiscBook, Reeleezee appear to date from the last century. With those pictures of folders where you have to click on to something in books. See below my first impression of the systems.

What were quite good online accounting systems?

Money with which both start and finish on an animal. Money Bird is a very well known and a long range. Clear, user-friendly. A tikkie boring, perhaps, but pretty cheap cost per month.

Real feast is Money Monk. It is almost like bookkeeping. The program you open the browser and is completely contemporary. And to understand the terms you do not have studied economics. It looks like an app for your tablet, with a pull-icon menu on the left.

But Money Monk lacks two features that would make it really ideal. 1. You can not scan receipts that are read automatically. 2. It will not take you by the hand for doing your annual return. It puts it all in perspective, but in the end you still need a bookkeeper to run it all in.

And that is a pity. Why does no one good system, integrated with the website of the Tax Administration, which takes you by the hand and guides in a nice way by the declaration?

In a nutshell, I have tested these programs. In the base, all programs (sometimes more cost) same: send invoices, add purchase invoice, track hours, reading bank transactions and create reports. The differences are mainly in the ease of use.

Money Monk

+ Very clear

+ Use friendliest

– Just a few steps many books

– No personal counseling

Money Bird

+ Overview

+ Many options

– No personal counseling


+ Personal assistance

+ Bonscanfunctie

– Old-fashioned look with binders

– Do not clutter


+ Prompt customer

– Too much information, messy display

– Especially digital excel sheet

– Tough


+ Cheap

– Bookkeeper language (debtors, creditors)

– A lot of actions in order to achieve simple action

– Old-fashioned design