Computerised Accounting System

Concept of Accounting Information System

An accounting information system comprises the methods, procedures and resources used by an entity to keep track of financial activities and useful way to summarize them in decision making.

Currently information technologies are linked directly in almost all the areas of human labor, and public accounting is no exception, so we are forced to make use of all the tools it has to offer, to streamline and effective processes within companies.

Accounting System

Definition: Accounting is the system that measures business activities, processes making information reports (financial statements) and communicates the findings to decision makers. Accounting is a discipline tool or part of the economic and administrative sciences, and is defined as that teaches accounting procedures to sort, analyze, classify and chronological record transactions and business transactions. Accounting is a set of theories, concepts and techniques under which financial data are processed in order to present them as information for the comparison of reports and functions of planning, control and decision making.

Identified as the accounting:

  1. a) Accounting as Technique: Helps recording accounting transactions that celebrates the company, providing the means to implement controls that allow to obtain accurate information, and timely through financial statements.
  2. b) Accounting As Science: Set the rules and procedures to record, measure, analyze, interpret economic events that affect assets of individual traders or companies.
  3. c) accounting as ART: The art of recording, classifying, and summarizing in a significant manner and in terms of money transactions and events of a financial nature.

Importance of computerised accounting systems

The benefits that a good accounting software can provide managers of any organization is of paramount importance, especially when it comes to making important decisions that affect the productive activities of these organizations, this information also to translate the financial position of the company must It is delivered in a timely manner for it to be useful.

Advantages Of The Computerised Accounting Systems

Speed It can provide information faster, so you can instantly time-consuming task when done manually.

Production volume, It can handle large volumes of transactions using the computerized accounting system, due to its speed in processing data.

Reduced errors, Greatly it is reducing the number of errors, because the accounting system makes calculations more accurately than a human. They are designed with the characteristic of minimizing errors.

Automatic passes to greater, In a computerized accounting system, reports can be produced automatically, such as: Newspapers, Financial Statements, and Special Reports to help management make decisions.