8 Stages In The Process Of Developing a Product

For a company, creating or developing a products that can be sold or offered to consumers and taking benefit from the products sold or offered is something we want. In fact, that is the entire purpose of the company

We need to know, the product is not the only form of goods. The definition of product is something that is sold or offered by sellers to meet consumer needs. That something is not always in the form of goods. Services can also be referred to as a product. And of course, we must want the product quality that we have always been and always will be marketable.


As a company that wants to develop in today’s business competition, we should always be able to innovate in creating a product that is able to maintain the company’s existence in the world of marketing.

In creating and developing quality products, there are various steps or stages that usually happens when we are creating or developing a product and that is:

  1. Creation Idea : This stage is the initial stage for us in determining which products to be created. In this stage, we usually think of an idea about what products we want to make. Wether the products are already on the market or not.
  2. Filtering Idea : At this stage, we start filtering, selecting or even combine the ideas that exist.
  3. Manufacture & Testing Idea: At this stage we start creating and testing the idea that has been formed up to be a quality product and in line with expectations.
  4. Marketing Strategy Development : This stage is the stage where we are in the making and devise effective marketing strategies that can be used in introducing these products to consumers.
  5. Business Analysis : In this stage,  we see and analyze whether the products have been marketed to gain or not.
  6. Product Development : at this stage we begin to develop products that have been on the concept into a product that is in accordance with the results of the analysis that has been done before.
  7. Market Testing : This stage is a stage in studying the performance of the product being marketed. Whether the product has met the target or not. In addition, this phase also can be used to determine consumers’ opinions about the product being marketed.
  8. Commercialization : This stage is the final stage in the creation and development of products. This stage is conducted in order to support the sales that have been created and developed.

Although it looks simple, but certainly we will encounter many obstacles that could occur within the company. In addition, in order to support the steps above, surely we need a range of solutions that can be used to help us in passing through these stages.

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